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Carpet & Upholstery

SunCity Cleaners offers a Carpet & Upholstery service that is ideal for all homes and businesses. We offer competitive prices and convenient times to suit our customers. Our friendly cleaning technicians are fully trained.

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Most carpets needs to be cleaned every six months, even though regular vacuuming removes much of the surface dirt. Remaining particles settle deeper into the fibres where the abrasive action can be damaging.

Vacuum CleanerSunCity Cleaners can put together a customer program at special rates to meet your companies specific carpet, upholstery and cleaning needs. Regular & professional cleaning will not only extend the life of your carpet and upholstery investment, but also helps create a healthier work environment and reflects a positive image for your company.

Complete carpet cleaning is recommended at least every 6 months by major carpet manufacturers, plus regular cleaning of high traffic areas.

Spot Cleaning

Special attention to spots and stains. Emergency services available as required. The sooner you remove the stains the less damage there will be to your carpet and the possibility of permanent staining. For emergency spills and stains call us now for a free consutation.

After Cleaning

CarpetAllow your carpets to dry thoroughly. Drying time varies depending on weather conditions and thickness to pile. To help your carpets dry faster, turn your thermostat up during cold seasons or turn your air conditioner or open windows during the warm seasons. You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but do not wear street shoes because they can re-soil your carpet. Please also be careful not to slip as you walk from damp carpet onto non–carpeted areas.

Cleaning Tips

Use deodorizers to eliminate odours caused by dirt, smoke, food etc. Vacuum frequently to prevent surface dirt from being ground into carpet fibres. Call us regularly for periodic cleaning. It will make your carpet last longer!


  Carpet & Upholstery  
  1 Carpet £ 30.00
  Extra Carpets £ 25.00
  Hall, Stairs & Landing £ 25.00
  3 Seater

£ 30.00

  2 Seater £ 25.00
  Chair £ 25.00



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